What to Expect on Your Child’s First Visit

Dr. Ameer understands the anxiety parents experience when bringing their children to the dentist, especially if they are little ones or extremely nervous. We care for your children like we would our own, and we are always concerned for their well-being. We invite you to walk back with your child when their appointment time is ready, get them comfortable, and then have them return to the reception area as we continue with your child's dental appointment. For future visits, we ask that you allow us to build a confident relationship with your child on our own in our open bay.

Our experiences and studies have shown that children ages 3 and older react most positively when they are allowed to be independent and have their dental experience in a child-friendly atmosphere. This means that for routine check-ups, your child's visit will be in our open bay area. This allows for each child to feel at ease seeing other children doing the same thing. For the safety and privacy of all our families, we invite our parents to enjoy our waiting area during your child's visit, and then we will bring you back to your child towards the end so that Dr. Ameer can review her exam and discuss any questions/concerns that you may have. If you feel more comfortable staying with your child during the entire visit, please let us know when scheduling and we will reserve our private room for you and your child as there is limited availability.

Dental treatment visits are similar. You are more than welcome to walk your child back to their treatment room and then return to the waiting room while we continue the appointment with your child on their own. We take the time to build a one-on-one rapport and trust with your child to make them comfortable, and we find our patients do very well in this independent state. If at any time you would like to see how your child is doing, a staff member can escort you to the treatment area, and you can silently observe our interaction with your child.

We do ask that. If you are going to prepare your child for their visit, please do not use terms such as "needle," “shot,” "pain," or “pull”. We have great expertise in conveying to your child what will happen in child-friendly terms.

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