Kind and Gentle Child Management

  • We use patience and gentleness in explaining all procedures step-by-step to your child. We believe in positive reinforcement to promote cooperative behavior. This builds a sense of trust and provides a positive learning experience for our patients.
  • We have extensive experience with special needs children in trying to provide a safe environment to complete a thorough, informative dental visit for both you and your child to understand. We cater to their specific needs to make them feel welcome while at the same time treating their dental needs in the most conservative way possible.
  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) is another tool available to help make your child's dental visit as comfortable as possible. We have found that by using these techniques, our office has been able to treat our patients in an efficient and convenient in-office setting.

In addition, we have created our office to be inviting and fun for all children. We are happy to offer:

  • An arcade center with the newest gaming systems and kid-friendly games on iPads.
  • Goodie bags are complete with a hygiene kit for your child to take home and keep their smile healthy every time they come for a check-up.
  • Prizes and balloons to provide positive reinforcement for a job well done!

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